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Welcome to Chemical Interstate Products Inc. is your 1-Stop supplier for the ever changing environment of Chemical Storage. We have supplied a wide variety of our Chemical Storage products for EPA compliance purposes. Customers in the field have a great use for Chemical Storage Berms, Chemical Storage Tanks, Safety Cabinets, Containment Sumps, Fire Rated Buildings, and Chemical Spill Kits. We also provide safety cabinets, drum storage units, and more.

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Interstate Products, Inc.
1-Stop Supplier For Your Chemical Storage Needs

Our chemical storage products include:

Chemical Storage Berms
Chemical Pillow Tanks
Spill Containment Pallets
Service Carts
Panel & Divider Trucks

Fire Rated Chemical Buildings
Chemical Safety Cabinets & Lockers
Chemical Spill Absorbents
Platform Trucks
Mobile Benches, Stands and Tables

Fuel Bladders
Chemical Storage Bladders
Chemical Storage Cabinets
Chemical Storage Cabinets
Ready Chemical Spill Berm
Ready Spill
Chemical Berm
Chemical Storage Buildings
Chemical Storage Buildings
IBC Storage Pallets
IBC Storage Pallets
Chemical Spill Storage Pallets
Chemical Spill
Storage Pallets
Fluorinated Spill Storage Pallets
Fluorinated Spill
Storage Pallets
Outdoor Chemical Drum Storage
Outdoor Chemical
Drum Storage

Our clients include:

• Military
• Governments Institutions
• Hospital
• Relief Organizations

• Schools
• Industrial Factories
• Landscapers
• Farms and more

Our Chemical Storage product solutions can provide help in many ways but it is up to the user to be aware of any state or local chemical storage regulations or cautions that may be applicable.

If you have any questions or we can be of service to you in anyway on our chemical bladders,
berms, sumps, chemical storage cabinets or any of our chemical storage products
please call us at 1-800-474-7294.

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